Mestel Saftey

The Military and Respiratory PPE is known under the Mestel Safety brand. In the late 1980’s, Mestel decided to broaden its fields of production to not only include medical, scuba diving and military protection products but safety products as well. This change was due to a growing need for safety throughout the world. Mestel ambitiously decided to create a gas mask, based on new innovative concepts, that was very different in design than all the gas masks produced up to that point. The new full face gas mask was named the SGE 1000. SGE 1000 did not use the cumbersome system of twin goggles with a rubber mask. Rather, the “SGE” mask used a transparent polycarbonate rigid full face visor shield with a comfortable rubber skirt (patented springing seal design) which covered the face and supported the other components of the gas mask. After a few years, the Protection Division received international acclaim for the success of the SGE 1000. After the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack at the World Trade Center in New York, Mestel realised the need to change its market strategy and it was compelled to assist in the need by providing safety solutions to prevent casualties and properly assist people in possible future situations that may be similar to the 9/11 disaster.

Mestel decided to create a new “Homeland Security Program Range of Products” and, soon after, a new working group started to operate. This new branch would focus its efforts on developing and producing safety products, specifically breathing protection devices, which would be beneficial in Homeland Security situations. Currently, Mestel Safety offers a wide variety of safety products that are useful for a broad range of people (professionals and general public). This brochure outlines the credentials of Mestel Safety, the engineering/design and production capabilities of the products Mestel Safety offers, and their evolution and flexibility to be modified in according with customer needs. The first Mestel gas mask, the SGE 1000, started a world- wide generation of “advanced” breathing protection devices. Currently the SGE 1000 is out of production; however, most of the protection products that Mestel Safety currently produces are evolutions from the SGE 1000.

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