Big Titan Camping Kettle


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2 liter ultralight titanium kettle for higher-volume duties.
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When it comes to emergency preparedness there’s no doubt that the ability to boil water is crucial when you don’t have access to clean or heated water. Whether you need access to clean drinking water, warm water for washing, hot beverages, cooking food or melting snow, this heavy-duty 2 litre Big Titan Kettle will have you covered.

Its hard-wearing titanium construction can withstand the abuse of demanding users, crowded packs and rough adventures, while also being ultra-lightweight and versatile, making it reliable in both bug in or bug out situations. This impressive kettle is large enough to serve two people and features a tight-fitting lid, drip-free spout, and pack-flat handles for compact storage in tight spaces.

Product Features:

Ultralight Strength: Weighs just 182 g with lid. Titanium is more durable than aluminium and 45% lighter than steel.

Easy Pouring: Tight-fitting lid, drip-free spout and wire handle make pouring into mugs and pouch meals easy.

Versatile: Pair with the MSR Titan Cup and Titan Fork & Spoon for a complete fast-and-light kit.

Product Specifications:

Weight: 0.18 kg
Width: 16.3 cm
Height: 12.2 cm
Packed Size: 15.87 x 11.45 cm
Material(s): Titanium
Country of Origin: USA/Thailand

Additional information

Weight.195 kg
Dimensions15.5 × 15.5 × 12 cm


Big Titan Camping Kettle