Mess Tin Small 210


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A small lightweight aluminium mess tin – excellent quality by Trangia in Sweden

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Mess tin in aluminium with black handle. Small model.

• Weight: 155g
• Dimensions: 165x90x65mm


Care instructions

• Save the plastic cover that comes with the non-stick frypan or make your own protection such as a piece of oilcloth. Or use our Multi-disc
• Use only plastic/ wooden tools in the vessels  of non-stick
• Do not wash in dishwasher, hand washing is recommended for all parts of the Trangia stove. Why? The dishwasher detergent is to strong for the aluminium
• Do not store/ leave food in the vessels, clean straight away
• Be sure everything is dry before packing together the stove
• Moisture and food particles can cause corrosion, discoloration and holes in the material
• Do not place empty pans on the stove, they can melt
• Details made of heat-resistant plastic, e.g. the handle of the kettle, can melt at very high temperature or in direct contact with the fire
• Never leave your stove unattended. Be aware of the wind direction as the air holes in the lower windshield should be turned into the wind
• Spirit burner with fuel in it should not be packed in the stove during transportation, it can leak
• Never refill the burner until it is completely extinguished and has cooled down and use the fuel bottle with the safety cap
• Keep the burner in plastic or similar to prevent corrosion damages on the vessels.

Additional information

Weight0.155 kg
Dimensions165 × 90 × 65 cm


Mess Tin Small 210