HYDRALIGHT delivers reliable power when it counts the most. Off the grid, out at sea, or in an emergency, we know there are times when you need certainty that you have a power source unlimited by shelf life, run time, or environment. Our revolutionary HydraCell technology harnesses the power of water and air to activate and fuel the cell. Best of all, HydraCell is fully biodegradable, free of toxic and corrosive materials, and will dramatically reduce disposable battery waste in our landfills. Now that’s power without limits.

Australian Preparedness provides only the best hand-picked survival and prepper gear. If you think we are missing something great, we’d love to hear from you!

With that said, Australian Preparedness is new! We are newly established – in fact, we started planning this startup just before the Coronavirus pandemic hit! We then saw firsthand how many in our local community could not even get a hold of the basics from the supermarket. That confirmed to us that we were on the right path!

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