Alpine 3 Pot Set


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If you’re looking for a sturdy, scratch-resistant and durable pot set that can take a beating and keep ticking then the Alpine 4 Pot Set is an excellent option for your survival kit.

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This survival pot set is built to withstand even the most extreme conditions and heavy duty use for frequent cooking long-term in a variable environment, including being used on an open flame regularly. The set comes with three all-purpose pots in 1L, 2L and 3L sizes, lids that doubles as plates and a lightweight PanHandler that securely lifts the pots and lids, holding up to 4.5kg in weight. These large and rugged pots stack up securely together and fit nicely into a stuff sack for efficient storage.

Product Features:

Strong: Stainless steel offers the ultimate in durability.
Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable pack room.
Multi-Function: Pot lids can be used as plates.
Includes: 1 x 1L pot, 1 x 2L pot, 1 x 3L pot, 3 x lids/plates, 1 x PanHandler pot handle, and stuff sack.

Product Specifications:

  • Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Width: 24.4 cm
  • Height: 11.9 cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Country of Origin: USA/Thailand

Additional information

Weight1.274 kg
Dimensions24 × 24 × 12 cm


Alpine 3 Pot Set