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Durable and comfortable all-rounder.

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Experience the ultimate in comfort and portability with the Camp Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat from Sea to Summit, now available at our store, Australian Preparedness. This top-of-the-line sleeping mat is the perfect addition to any camping or backpacking gear collection. Sea to Summit’s new range of Self Inflating Sleeping Mats offers a comfortable sleeping experience for the outdoors traveler. An ultra-light matt designed for backpackers trying to shed grams.


  • Multi-functional, high flow-rate valve.
  • Made from robust and durable 75D polyester with extrusion laminated TPU.
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Construction and Materials

75D Polyester makes for a tougher, more abrasion-resistant base, while at 3.8cm thick, the Camp Mat S.I. is comfortable enough to keep anyone from pushing through to the ground. The high 4.0 R-value also means it’s great to use in all year round.

  • Delta™ Core-V™ Technology
  • Robust and durable 75D polyester with extrusion laminated TPU used on top and base
  • Small vertical Delta™ Cores™ in body contact areas (shoulders, hips, and feet) keep you warmer
  • Larger vertical Delta™ Cores™ in non-body contact areas reduce the mat’s weight and bulk
  • 3.8cm thick
  • Mat: 100% Polyester with TPU lamination; Valve 100% TPU; Insulation: 100% Polyurethane foam; Stuff Sack: 100% Polyester

Delta Core-V technology removes up to 20% of the weight and bulk of the polyurethane (PU) foam of a self-inflating mattress while maintaining comfort and insulation.

Our unique approach uses sophisticated pressure-mapping data to create the blueprint for our distinctive graduated core pattern. Where extra warmth and support are needed for the body contact areas-shoulders, hips, and feet-the core holes are smaller. In the less critical areas, we have removed more foam to minimize the weight and packed size. Delta Core-V technology is used in our Ultralight SI and Camp mat SI models.

At Australian Preparedness, we’re proud to offer this premium sleeping mat from Sea to Summit. Our customers can trust that they’re getting a top-of-the-line product that will provide them with years of comfortable and restful sleep during their outdoor adventures.

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