Herbs Seed Pack – Essentials for Self-Sufficiency


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These hand selected essential herbs pack will be a great benefit to your self-sufficient prepper’s lifestyle. There are 19 varieties included in this seed pack.

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This self-sufficiency essential herbs seeds pack has been specially designed for Australian Preparedness.

The seed producer has advised us that the best place to store seeds long term is in the fridge. Many of the seed varieties in this pack can be stored for 3-10 years depending on the variety. Germination rates can be expected to slowly taper off (note: the generic use by dates printed on packets are a generic red-tape requirement).

The feature image shows the actual varieties listed below.

Basil – Sweet Fino Verde 220
Basil – Lemon 180
Chives 200
Coriander – Moroccan 175
Cress – American Upland 300
Dill 800
Oregano – Greek 450
Parsley – Triple Curl 600
Sage 55
Sweet Marjoram 700
Thyme – Wild 400
Watercress 1300
Endive – Salad King 500
Mesclun – Mild Mix 450
Chicory – Coffee 100
Goji Berry 90
Hyssop 260
Peppermint 580
Sweet Cicely (Natural Sweetner) Not WA Not TAS 10

We have several other seed packs that are complimentary to this essential herbs seed pack.

Note: some varieties may not be posted to WA/TAS and will be excluded from the pack.

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Herbs Seed Pack - Essentials for Self-Sufficiency