Quick Camping Skillet


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Non-stick, hard-anodised aluminium skillet for your survival cooking needs.

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This compact Quick Skillet is a non-stick, hard-anodised aluminium fry pan that is a perfect addition to any off-grid cooking set. Weighing less than 170 grams, its light design will fit easily in your emergency kit, ready to use when you need it in a survival situation.

It also nests efficiently with other MSR cook sets including; Quick 2, Base 2 and Alpinist 2, adding versatility to your average minimalist kitchen without adding too much weight to your pack.

Product Specifications:

Colour: None
Weight: 0.17 kg
Width: 18cm
Height: 5cm
Packed Size: 19.7 x 6.35 cm
Material(s): Aluminium
Country of Origin: Made in Thailand
Total weight: 0.17 kg

Includes: 17cm Non-stick, hard-anodised aluminium skillet, Talon™ pot handle.

Additional information

Weight.344 kg
Dimensions21 × 21 × 8 cm


Quick Camping Skillet