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A handy selection of repellent plants to keep nasty insects away from you and your garden, and a 2 attractors species to promote beneficial insects and earthworms. Essential in a post-insecticide situation.

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This self-sufficiency essential herbs seeds pack has been specially designed for Australian Preparedness.

The seed producer has advised us that the best place to store seeds long term is in the fridge. Many of the seed varieties in this pack can be stored for 3-10 years depending on the variety. Germination rates can be expected to slowly taper off (note: the generic use by dates printed on packets are a generic red-tape requirement).

The feature image shows the actual varieties listed below.

Mugwort1600Personal insect repellent
Nasturtium17Repels borers and aphids. Antiseptic properties.
Oregano – Greek450Repels cucumber beetle, cabbage butterfly.
Pennyroyal (Not WA)480Repels ants, mosquitoes, fleas and moths
Rue250Repels fleas, ants, and flies
Bee Flower Mix400Beneficial insect attractor mix
Valerian75Attracts earthworms.

We have several other seed packs that are complimentary to this repellents and attractors seed pack.

Note: some varieties may not be posted to WA/TAS and will be excluded from the pack.


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