SOTO Muka Fuel Bottle


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Widemouth Aluminium Fuel Bottle

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SOTO Muka Fuel Bottle for Muka Stove with a wider opening.


  • Makes it easier to pour fuel into the bottle and observe fuel level.
  • The wide-mouth bottle means easier clean-up.

Fuel Bottle Specifications:
Volume:720ml (24.3fl.oz.; filled to the fill line of the bottle)
Volume: 1000ml (total volume of the bottle)
Weight: (including the cap)178 g (6.3 oz.)
Height: (including the cap)290 mm (11.4 inches)
Diameter of the mouth: 34mm (1.34 inch)
Diameter of the bottle: 74mm (2.91 inches)

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1L, 700ml


SOTO Muka Fuel Bottle

SOTO Muka Fuel Bottle