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Hand selected traditional medicine herbs and plants. This pack contains 23 varieties that are widely used globally.

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This self-sufficiency traditional herbs and plants medicine seeds pack is uniquely offered by Australian Preparedness.

Below is a list of Plants and Herbs with a link to what they have traditionally been used for.

Many traditional medicine treatments have not been scientifically proven. Australian Preparedness can not guarantee the effectiveness of any of these traditional herbs and plants and their said treatments.

The feature images shows the actual varieties listed below.

Seeds Traditionally Used To Treat
Alkanet – (Bugloss) 45 Diuretic, blood cleansing.
Chaparral 100 Natural antibiotic.
Allheal 60 Gargle sore throat.
Angelica 60 Heartburn, arthritis, circulation, fever.
Bai Zhi 50 Headaches, pain relief, antibacterial.
Betony 70 Headaches and anxiety, reduce blood pres.
Borage 60 Dilate blood vessels, sedative, treat seizures.
Celandine 100 Jaundice, liver diseases, regulate digestion.
Centaury 100 Appetite stimulant, stomach disturbances.
Chamomile – Not WA 4000 Calming.
Dandelion – European 170 Minerals, silica, iron, copper, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, Vit A.
Dill – Bouquet 800 Calmative, diuretic.
Herb Robert 18 Inflammation kidney, liver, bladder.
Jojoba 5 Psoriasis, cancer, kidney disorders.
Lady’s Mantle 100 Wounds, GI issues, and female ailments.
Licorice – European 25 Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial.
Nettle – Not WA 380 Natural antihistamine.
Mullein – Not WA 200 Coughs, bronchitis, influenza.
Plantain 200 Diuretic and an astringent
Shepherd’s Purse 1800 Vitamin K rich – Anti-haemorrhage.
Tansy 1200 Seeds expel intentional worms.
Tarragon (Russian) 1300 Tea helps overcome insomnia.
Yarrow – White 600 IBS, stimulate blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, stops wounds bleeding, haemorrhoids.


The seed producer has advised us that the best place to store seeds long term is in the fridge. Many of the seed varieties in this pack can be stored for 5-20 years depending on the variety. Germination rates can be expected to slowly taper off (note: the generic use by dates printed on packets are a bureaucratic requirement).

We have several other seed packs that are complimentary to this seed pack.

Note: some varieties may not be posted to WA and will be excluded from the pack.

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Traditional Medicine Herbs & Plants - Seeds Pack