Twin Blade Broadhead Hunting Arrowhead


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Use these screw in broadheads to make your own hunting arrows.

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These broadheads make a fantastic item to add to your prepping gear. The performance of these heads have been tested for accuracy and speed. The arrow heads offers a shorter profile with less blade surface for superior flight and maximum accuracy.

Type: Broadhead arrow head
Material: Metal
Cutting Diameter: 30mm
Weight: 100 grain / 6.5g per head
Length: 50mm
Colour: Black
Arrow Shaft: Fits inner diameter 5mm
Quantity: 1
Compatible: Compound Bow, Crossbow.

These arrow heads are perfect for hunting medium to large game. Depending on where the arrow hits, the heads produce good stopping power results.


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Weight.025 kg
Dimensions4 × 3 × 2 cm

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