Prepping in a COVID World and Beyond

You may have heard of the terms “prepping” and “emergency preparedness” before, but never gave it much thought. We are now living in a world where survival supplies are necessary and where prepping has become part of everyone’s diet.

Even when COVID-19 passes, there will inevitably always be droughts, bush fires, floods and war, so it is best that you learn the art of emergency preparedness now. This would include financial planning, asking the right questions, and preparing survival supplies.

Firstly, even without COVID-19, becoming aware of the prepper community and making your first step will lead to a reduction in your stress levels if and when another disaster does happen, or even in this particular circumstance we are all facing now. Australia is particularly vulnerable to natural disasters. Not to fret though, even during COVID-19 you can still prep and learn useful tips for now, and the future.

“Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Daryn Kagan

1. Ask yourself the right questions.

There are several questions you should be asking yourself in a COVID-19 world, but also in a world troubled by natural disasters, economic instability, the threat of war and more.

In order to start your successful journey towards becoming a part of the prepping community, you need to ask if you can find food, if you have enough food prepared to last a long time, and if you can grow it. If the answers to those questions are no, then we can help you on the path towards self-sufficiency.

2. Getting finances in order

Now, this isn’t as easy in such an uncertain world. However, once you’ve answered those questions, you’re on a better path towards emergency preparedness. Many Australians do not feel comfortable with their financial situation. To even get started on the path to prepping and emergency preparedness, you have to get personal finances in check. The things you never think about, like wills and estate planning should become crucial when you become part of the prepping community.

3. Survival Supplies. Can you live without outside help?

This is a scary thought to reckon with – the idea that the world could dissolve into a place where no immediate outside help is available. However, this is part of the beauty of prepping – you will have everything you need when the supermarket shelves run empty or utility services struggle to operate.

The first product you should look into is a home water purification system. You can only survive 72 hours without water, so one of these is essential. We carry one by MSR, which is affordable and works well. You also need candles and lanterns in the event of an electrical blackout. There should also be enough nonperishable items to last you at an absolute minimum of two weeks.

None of this comes overnight. As responsible members of the prepping community, we have tips and tricks to ensure that you feel confident in the event of a disaster. Stocking survival supplies is not the only factor to take into consideration.

In our next blogs, we will outline how to stock up on the essentials. And why you shouldn’t rely on the first survival kit you see in the supermarket. With our advice, you can hopefully start asking yourself the right questions. Consider how you can get yourself onto a pathway of good financial stewardship.

The first step towards developing multiple streams of income is monetizing your expertise. If you are someone who has traveled a lot, you can start charging people for your traveling expertise. Painting, jewelry, thrifting and writing are other ways to achieve this goal. The whole spirit of prepping is utilizing every skill to your advantage and running with it. There is always a way to generate more income, especially during this time, which is so wrought with economic and political devastation. So instead of making your friend a bracelet for free, next time, charge a fee.

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