Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Budgeting and Using Everyday Items for Prepping

You may think prepping and having survival supplies at the ready is an impossible task. How in the world are you supposed to budget for it? The beauty of prepping is that you can use everyday items that you would normally throw away. The first part of your survival supplies may already be in your kitchen, with a few extra necessities of course.

Those mason jars you have in your kitchen could very well be used to store water in. In fact, many containers you deem as useless could be a mechanism in which you store water. Being part of the prepping community is being aware of what you already have on hand for emergency preparedness, and budgeting accordingly.

Those binders you don’t know what to do with could be used to accumulating important documents

You may think that prepping is just about having enough food and water to last a few weeks or months. It’s deeper than that. Just having a binder with personal information at hand, such as allergies, treatment plans, maps, financial budgets, and or a myriad of other important information, will help you react quickly in challenging times. In the case of an accident or serious injury, taking the time to search around for this information could prove fatal. Save yourself the hassle now and get important documents together and be prepared! Keep it by your emergency kit or an area that is easy to reach. Everyday items can be put to use in your preparedness plan and prove to be most effective for you.

Those extra tomato sauce packets from fast food restaurants? Keep them for your stockpile

While eating out all the time isn’t good for your budget or your health, those small salt and pepper packets are just begging to be included in your kit. Those plastic forks and knives you get could be added to your stockpile, and it’s completely free.

Those small containers you have could be helpful with emergency preparedness

Medication bottles, yogurt containers and more everyday items could very well be used to stockpile some of your cache. They can also be used in various places. Such as your car, your pocket, or in different rooms of your house. These containers look inconspicuous, so they can really be kept anywhere. You don’t need to buy fancy containers when you already have perfectly usable ones in your cabinet to use as your emergency kit. They can also be used to store grains and other foods like cereal or pasta.

The lint in your dryer could be used as a firestarter

This one isn’t as obvious, but the lint in your dryer is an everyday item that may very well save your life. Save your egg cartons, too. You can put the lint inside an individual carton and use it to start a fire. The best way to save your lint is to put it in a plastic bag, squeeze all the air out, and put it in one of your cabinets or emergency kits. This one is especially important because your electricity could be one of the first things to cease function in an emergency.

While being part of the prepping community does take saving and financial savvy. These tips will help anyone from a beginner to an expert in prepping. Your stockpile will soon have many components. But with our help, you can start to master reusing what you already have.

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