Prepping Includes Having Multiple Streams of Income

The last few months have taught us that prepping is a genuinely important skill for emergency preparedness. Getting your finances in order is one of the best and most important ways to do this. We recommend having multiple streams of income to do this. You may think this is an impossible task. There are only a few important things for you to know when you start generating multiple streams of income. This is a useful skill to have regardless of emergency preparedness – if your job happens to be a bust, you will now have an alternative way to pay your bills! As experts in the prepping community, we know a thing or two about developing multiple streams of income.

The first step towards developing multiple streams of income is monetizing your expertise. If you are someone who has traveled a lot, you can start charging people for your traveling expertise. Painting, jewelry, thrifting and writing are other ways to achieve this goal. The whole spirit of prepping is utilizing every skill to your advantage and running with it. There is always a way to generate more income, especially during this time, which is so wrought with economic and political devastation. So instead of making your friend a bracelet for free, next time, charge a fee.

It will take a while to develop multiple streams of income that are long lasting and that will leave its mark on your bank account. That’s completely okay. Patience is key on this one. Emergency preparedness requires one to be very calculated and formulated with both reactions and ideas. Don’t expect this to happen overnight. One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting this venture is that they give up when they don’t get the clients or profits they thought they would. Stop being addicted to the paycheck that gets deposited in your bank account every month. Do start being proactive in seeing this through.

Prepping is about the long term, not the short term. It is more than worth it to develop a second income stream now, so that if another financial disaster occurs, you are prepared to weather the storm. Emergency preparedness isn’t about the “what if’s,” it’s about the “when’s.” Survival supplies are also the ones you don’t see. Anything is possible these days, including working from home. Having a side gig on top of your full time job will be tiring, but it will be worth it.

Working from home has many benefits, one of them being that you are your own boss. One of the best aspects of prepping and developing your own cache of survival supplies is the independence you achieve. The essence of prepping is developing your own independence, and your own drive to stray away from the mainstream. We believe that everyone should have at least one other stream of income for a rainy day, and for the possibility of our job not working out properly.

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