Prepping Everyday

Previously, we’ve written about why prepping is important, but today, we’re going to show you how to do it. Part of this is just common sense – always having $50 in your glovebox for extra fuel when you’re in the middle of nowhere with nothing, and always carry a first aid kit. Being self reliant will take more than a day. Prepping everyday is especially important because you swon’t be able to go to your local upermarket and have all the supplies to prepare for a disaster in a fortnight. We’ve prepared a few tips that can help you stick to the prepping mindset everyday, not just when it is convenient. Survival supplies are more than just cans of food and materials to start a fire with!

This one seems ridiculous, but it is handy when you are starving (not a national emergency, but perhaps a personal one) and have no money. Having gift cards on hand allows you to get a quick bite to eat without having to resort to asking friends or family members for money, because you already have the means to eat for a short period of time in your car. Obviously, you should only buy one or two of these at a time when you have the extra cash to spare.

Have gift cards for different restaurants in your car

Prepare different “emergency bags”

This is especially important. You should have a bag for all emergency contact information, a bag for your car, and a bag that you carry with you everyday. The bag you keep in your car should have maps, a first aid kit, jumper cables, water, food (preferably food that can withstand the heat), clothing, and a spare tire. You will have to tailor this bag to your car’s needs. You should also educate yourself on basic mechanics if you don’t know how to change a tire or how to change your own oil. While it is okay to visit a mechanic for this, you should know how to do it yourself in case the day comes where you have no one.

In a year, you could be self-sufficient in your chosen genre. Working everyday takes its toll, but there is always time to make investments. When we write that, we mean investing in your own personal growth. The information you choose to invest your time into will serve you well in the future, so choose wisely. This could be a new language, more ways to cook your emergency food, or studying economics and finances. Whatever you decide to do, stick to it. We guarantee that soon, you’ll be an expert, and you can extend your knowledge to others in the prepping community.

Spend 15 minutes a day learning about something new

Prepping everyday is not only important for when a disaster strikes, but for personal situations, too. As leaders in the prepping community, we believe that everyone should practice prepping everyday. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that nothing could ever happen to you. As the last few months have shown, anything is possible. Prep wisely.


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