Prepping Your Kids

Prepping Your Kids

Getting your kids onboard with the prepping lifestyle isn’t always easy. However, kids are much smarter than you think, and can apply prepping tips to their own decision making processes.

Engaging and helping your children understand the world around them will help you when you educate them about the importance of prepping. Simply talking about prepping won’t necessarily cut it. Showing them about how they can apply prepping to their everyday lives is far more valuable. Here at Australian Preparedness, we have some tips you can use when you undergo the journey of teaching your children the basics of prepping.

Engage, engage, engage

Prepping is a lifestyle, not just a hobby you pick up overnight. As such, children need to get involved with the prepping lifestyle at a young age. If you have never taken them camping, now is the time to start. While you’re at it, practice eating dinner with no lights (i.e. with just candlelight) so they are comfortable with learning survival skills. Children can become acclimated to any environment that you show them, so show them many! Answer any questions they have, and answer them honestly.

Camping trips galore

Now, when you hear the words “camping” and “trip,” you may be inclined to think that this involves a long road trip to a national park or away from the city. This isn’t the case. If you have a backyard, use it to your advantage! Before you take your kids anywhere else, make sure they know the basics of setting up a tent.

Every child should know how to cook

Now, this might seem like a no brainer, but cooking is a valuable skill. We don’t mean microwavable meals, we mean learning how to prepare a basic meal that tastes good, because we know how picky some children can be! Not only that, but making sure they know their way around a kitchen – they should know how to turn the stove off and on, as well as how to use an oven. Teaching them how to cut meat, vegetables and fruit will also serve them well. They should ideally be comfortable with self sufficiency and cooking so that they can take care of themselves if something were to ever happen to you.

An underrated tip: fire safety

Fire is a necessary facet to survival: it will provide warmth, provide a means to cook food, and give off light. That being said, fire is exceptionally dangerous. You need to make sure your little one is well versed in fire safety, how to put one out, and also, how to start one. Teach them how to light a match properly when they are old enough, so they know both the benefits and the risks of fire.

Australian Preparedness believes that everyone should have the prepping knowledge they need to make it a lifestyle. Getting your children on board will only facilitate this journey and also prepare a new generation to be self sufficient and ready for whatever the future brings.

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