Mental Health and Prepping

We are in some incredibly trying times. Mental health and prepping do go hand in hand, especially in the midst of a pandemic. You cannot adequately supply yourself with all the materials that you need if you are in a depressive state or if you just simply are not feeling well. We believe that everyone should look after themselves in a way that suits them. Parts of Australia are currently under lockdown as we write this, and that may be messing with your mental health. Part of emergency preparedness is being able to deal with these bad situations and find a silver lining to them. Part of mental health and prepping is controlling environment around you, a slogan we live by. Mental preparedness goes hand in hand with preparing for those emergency situations we always talk about. But what happens when you need it in your own personal life?

Mental preparedness

First of all, it is okay to take a break and ponder other things. While everyone should absolutely focus on prepping and maintaining their garden and other streams of income, you should also acquiesce to not working nonstop every day. If you need a healthy distraction, distract yourself. This situation is not going anywhere so it is important to develop a healthy mindset towards tackling it. The healthier you can become now, the easier it will become if you ever do find yourself in a stickier situation with no support. That is mental preparedness to a T.

It is also a good idea to reach out to your friends and family. The people in your support network will always have your back, so feel free to talk to them in a way that helps you. The world is experiencing a shared grief and trauma, so understand that what you are feeling is valid, and you are the only one experiencing these feelings. Mental health and prepping are especially important, and it is often overlooked. In the process of prepping and making sure your family is taken care of, make sure you are also taking care of yourself. After all, you cannot help anyone else until you are okay. That is why airlines always tell you to put your mask on before assisting anyone else.

Focus on improvement everyday, not in a few months from now. By this, we mean plan for the future, but also focus on improving your situation now. Find a new hobby, learn something new, but most importantly, try to stay productive. Once you stop the flow that you have already established, it is hard to get back into it. Go on walks, get fresh air, and learn to be marveled by the world around you. Mental health and prepping means that you get to know the world that hosts your existence.

Feeling sad and down is completely normal, so please understand that. We advocate taking care of your mental health so that you can fully take part in the prepping community. As such, we also believe that mental preparedness is just as important as emergency preparedness in the grand scheme of things.

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