Hygiene And Survival Skills

Everything You Need To Know About Hygiene And Survival Skills

Hygiene and survival skills aren’t usually two things many people put together. It is a subject that is sometimes overlooked when it comes to emergency preparedness and prepping. It is also extremely important to your overall health in day-to-day situations, much less when you are in an actual emergency and have no access to water or other products. Being equipped with the right knowledge on how to take care of your personal hygiene will serve you well. Having good hygiene will prevent unnecessary infections and save you from dealing with a health problem in an emergency. We believe everyone in the prepping community should be equipped with knowledge about how hygiene and survival skills go hand in hand.

Water is important for hygiene, but what about in situations where there is no water to be found? First of all, in emergency situations, you should focus on conserving water. That means only cleaning your hands and face before moving onto the rest of your body. For this, you can use a washcloth soaked in hot water, or a spray bottle. Having baby wipes on hand is especially important for this. They are not a perfect substitute for water, but they will get the job done, especially for your private areas. Because they are disposable, they do have more to offer in the sanitary department for those areas. Of course, if you are able to clean your washcloth, that would be ideal.

Water is important, but…

But what about your hair?

Greasy hair is a pain to deal with, but in an emergency situation, you shouldn’t worry a whole lot about it. This is because washing your hair takes up a lot of water. Your hair will be greasy for a while, but that is an unfortunate aspect of emergency preparedness. Conserving water is much more important in the long run. While your scalp will undoubtedly feel uncomfortable from lack of washing, a short rinse is possible. Using soap and conditioner will use up more water, so you will want to commit to a schedule where you wash your hair about once a week, if you can.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste are especially important for your personal hygiene and survival skills. Not being able to brush your teeth absolutely will pose a health risk down the road. These are supplies you absolutely need in your emergency bag, and in your survival supplies. If you can’t get toothpaste in a jamb try using salt. Just rinsing out your mouth with water will not be enough. In our opinion, you should always have room for extra toothpaste and toothbrushes because your oral health will certainly impact the rest of your body.

Stock up on toothbrushes

Hygiene and survival skills will take you far. It’s not about smelling nice, it’s also about maintaining cleanliness standards and your own personal health. This is a topic some may not wish to talk about, but as a fellow friend in the prepping community, we want every prepper to be well educated about every scenario.

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