Why You Should Start Gardening

Gardening used to be normal during World War Two and The Great Depression. It has since fallen out of practice. People cite that they don’t feel they have enough time or energy to keep up with gardening, but really, if you’re serious about prepping, you should consider starting one. Not only do vegetable gardens provide fresh food, they are also fool proof. There may be days where you can’t make it to the store or when your life actually depends on the fruits of your labor (literally). Having a role in the prepping community means cutting costs and looking into other options. We believe everyone should have a garden.

The tomatoes and corn you’re growing for yourself will ultimately pay for themselves. The produce tastes better, is better for you, and is much cheaper. The average cost of a handful of tomatoes in Australia is $4.55. That cost adds up after a while, especially since it is a crop that is easily grown in Australia. Besides that, having the power and free will to grow your own food is something that everyone should have in a world where overly processed foods are the norm.

You ultimately save money

Teach your children and other people important survival skills

Growing your own food is an important survival skill, but it is one that everyone you know should have. Gardening allows your children to be more in tune and at peace with the world around them. Instead of eating processed foods, they can eat fresh vegetables and adjust to a different diet. They can also learn how to help grow them with you, which also serves as a great bonding activity. Children should be aware and encouraged to help you garden so that they can learn these important survival skills and grow accustomed to eating different foods.

While buying supplies is important, it is also crucial to understand that a garden will also supplement what you already have. Your garden will include calorie and protein rich foods, in addition to the starches and rice that you already have saved up. There are also ways you can “can” and store your fresh vegetables so that they can last through the seasons. When you become more advanced and know what you can grow, you can start developing a more advanced system that relies on less water.

Help stock up on your emergency supplies

Better nutrition

It is to no surprise that today’s food lacks nutrition. Even store bought vegetables lack some of the nutrients that you can find in growing your own food. Many times, pesticides and other additives are used on vegetables that may be bad for your overall health. Growing and eating your own food is not only essential to your own autonomy, but towards lessening your dependence on processed foods. Since you know exactly what you’re eating and where it came from, you don’t have to worry about food that was shipped from thousands of kilometers away.

As concerned individuals in the prepping community, we believe the path towards autonomy will not come overnight, but rather through small changes that will have a lasting impact. Gardening is a low-cost activity that improves both mental and physical health, so having it as part of your cache of emergency preparedness is especially important.

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