why we learn to hunt

Why everyone should learn to hunt

Whether you are a dedicated prepper or just getting your feet into the water, hunting is an important skill that everyone should attempt to learn. In a world that is increasingly becoming more fraught with bush fires, natural disasters and economic insecurity, having the skill to not only capture but process an animal provides you and your family with a critical safety net.

Hunting can often be frowned upon for various reasons, one of those reasons is the threat to the environment. However, responsible hunting is sustainable for the environment and is technically more ethical than buying meat from the supermarket. It is far less wasteful and the animal has many uses besides food. In this article, we will touch base on why everyone should know the basics of hunting.

First of all, responsible hunting is not only good for the environment, it is good for you. If you should ever need to leave the comforts of the four walls of your home, you will need to be familiar with your surroundings. You will be forced to go off the beaten path and force to understand your environment. Obviously, before you start hunting you’ll need to learn Australian regulatory requirements – what you can hunt and where you can hunt.

How we can hunt in Australia?

Preppers are not in the business of hunting for sport. Hunting is about provision and survival. Every inch of an animal has a use, from its fur to its meat. For those that live in the bounds of a city, its still possible to hunt. Yes you may have to pay fees to hunt, but that only helps conservation efforts to sustain animal populations, but in some instances it also helps control overpopulation of certain species. On that note, it is more fulfilling to eat an animal that has lived a full and healthy life, than one that has been trapped in a cage. Hunting is a sustainable way to encourage the planet to reinvigorate itself.

If you are a prepper with young children, spending quality time with them before it comes a little harder is valuable. If you want to encourage responsible habits in them from a young age, take them on a hunting trip. Show them where their food comes from, and instil basic survival skills in them as you go. Having a family that knows these skills rather than just one person can only help, not hurt your efforts.

We carry different types of weapons and equipment that will help your hunting journey. Learning to fire a rifle or draw a bow takes practice, often it just requires you to either go to a safe and secluded area or a shooting range to practice. After all, practice makes perfect and soon enough, you will be a seasoned pro at the art of hunting.

The next time you feel the urge, go! Research areas that you’ll be permitted to hunt at and just go for it. It will not only provide much needed food for your family, but also a sense of peace and control as well.

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