Choosing the Right Knife

the right knife for buy

The title might seem incredibly morbid. However, it is true: any prepper, whether you are extreme or not, needs their cache of knives in an emergency. How do you go about curating the perfect collection? Of course, this will take time and money, but at the end of the day, it is 100% worth the investment. There are several different types of knives to be aware of, including pocket knivesEDC (every day carry) knives, and multi-tools knives. Obviously, more advanced preppers will want the right knife to own all of these, including more advanced survival knives such as skinning or tactical knives.

However, for those of you who are just getting started on the prepping journey, investing in all of these knives at once will prove unnecessary. We will help you choose the right knife, at the right price, so you can rest peacefully at night.

How does one choose a knife, to begin with?

One aspect to look out for is size. Many people think that the bigger the size, the more effective the blade. That is wrong! Of course, bigger blades are helpful depending on the situation and task at hand. If you end up using the wrong knife for the wrong job, this could ultimately lead to more problems than it is worth. Remember, your safety is ultimately the most important factor there is, so it is better to be comfortable with a small to mediums size knife than uncomfortable with an oversize knife. We carry this Paraframe Mini Tanto knife that is perfect for everyday usage (EDC), is incredibly lite with a short blade length just long enough to be highly useful – to cut rope, skin an apple, cut cable ties etc.

Of course, the more advanced you are, and the more you learn about knives and survival, you will want to upgrade. For this reason, we recommend selecting a range of knives that have specific purposes including larger blades for actions such as batoning and levering – you will want a blade that is no shorter than 18cm for such tasks. For example, we carry a large blade survival knife from Miguel Nieto that is weather-resistant, has a comfortable handle and can use for multiple uses.

Features of a high-quality knife

One of the most obvious but perhaps most overlooked features of a high-quality knife is one that remains sharp and pointy over an extended duration. In most instances avoid purchasing a knife with a rounded tip, the uses of these knives are limited in the wild to specific jobs – such as a knife for skinning. If you can only choose one knife it will ideally need to be able to not just skin but the gut, cut, chop, whittle and more. A knife with a good sharp point comes in handy for more everyday tasks, such as fishing out a splinter, penetrating an animal hide, or scratching a message into the timber. 

Trust us, a pointy knife will be your best friend and is far more versatile than a knife that does not have one. Budget is a limiting factor for many folks, so make sure that your choice of the knife will suit many needs, not just one.

All of the knives on our site are good quality knives using many preppers at various skill levels. We hope this article has narrowed down some of your knifing needs!

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