Survival Kit Essentials

Stocking up on a good survival kit is not only great for emergency situations, but daily life as well. You never know when you will need a needle and thread, or a pair of tweezers to get a splinter out. However, there are some other tools you need in your kit now that will help you in various situations. Having one of these in your car, your house, or your bike will be a godsend when you literally have no one to call. Learn how to do basic repairs with your kit and graduate into the advanced prepping category.

While this isn’t a tool, a good, high quality, insulated water bottle will be your best friend. These keep drinks both warm and cold. You can never go wrong, and they are a must in any kit because doing anything survival related will definitely make you feel parched. This water bottle is lightweight and has a built in filter, so it is the perfect pairing.

The next must have tool is a set of good quality Multi-tool pliers. Multi-tools are great for numerous emergencies. In a pinch they are perfect for loosening, gripping, cutting, tightening and even straightening. Regardless of the situation you are in, a good multi-tool will likely save the day. These ones can help do almost anything with all their features! They are worth the investment for any prepper.

We went over different water cleaning methods in another blog, but we suggested a water filtration system. These systems need replacement filters – always have extras in your kit, because a water filtration system is one of the most important investments you will ever make. This one lasts for 2,000 litres and is a must have, by far.

Firestarters are invaluable. They are even better when they can start fires in the rain. You will always need some sort of lighter or firestarter. These are perfect for emergencies or when you need to start a fire for warmth or food. These firestrikers are small enough to fit in your pack and will easily start a fire.

Last, but most certainly not least, a good quality sleeping bag will keep you warm and protected in extreme and mild weather conditions. This one is unbelievably lightweight, making it perfect to stuff into your backpack. It is water resistant, so it will save you from the rainiest days. Every prepper needs one of these in their kit, and fast. The elements are always going to be dangerous, so having technology that will keep your feet warm and your body protected is ultimately invaluable.

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