Powerlock EOD Black Oxide – Survival Multi Tool


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The Powerlock EOD Multi-tool is known to be used by soldiers around the world in the most dangerous places, so you can bet this will come handy to you in a survival situation with 18 tools at your fingertips.

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Labelled as SOG’s favourite full-size survival multi-tool, it’s the only tool to have Compound Leverage technology applied to EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal). This makes it a useful tool when dealing with explosives, requiring less hand pressure when crimping blasting caps and demolition cords.

Another unique feature is the positioning of the crimper device within the confines of the handle rather than in the plier jaw which is seen in other models. This is designed to minimise collateral damage to the crimper, allowing full use of the uninterrupted plier surface. Additionally, its 420 stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant and offers increased sturdiness and strength – which is why it is used by many governments.

Even better, Its smart and advanced design makes this versatile tool extremely quick access with easy one-hand opening and closing of tools. It comes housed in a nylon pouch for stylish and secure storage. Also available in a Satin finish.

Tools Included:

1. 1/4″ Driver
2. Awl
3. Blade (Partially Serrated)
4. Bolt Grip Channel
5. Bottle Opener
6. Can Opener
7. Crimper (Blasting Cap)
8. File (3-Sided)
9. Flat Screwdriver (Large)
10. Flat Screwdriver (Medium)
11. Flat Screwdriver (Small)
12. Needle Nose Pliers
13. Phillips Screwdriver
14. Ruler
15. Scissors
16. Wire Crimper
17. Wire Cutter (Hard)
18. Wood Saw

Product Specifications:

  • Overall Length: 17.78cm
  • Closed Length: 11.68cm
  • Weight: 272g
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Model: B61N-CP
  • Steel: 420
  • Hardness: Rc. 51-53

Choose the Powerlock EOD Black Oxide – Survival Multi Tool and stay prepared for anything. Shop now at Australian Preparedness.

Additional information

Weight0.412 kg
Dimensions24.8 × 15.3 × 4.8 cm

Customer Reviews

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Great Quality for the price

It feels very sturdy and comfy in the hand, the variety of tools and their functionality are all great. The only reason I'm giving this 4/5 instead of a perfect score is that the black coating comes off in your hand and leaves a residue, I'm sure after long-term use this won;t be an issue but I did have to give it a decent wipe-down when I first opened it and currently during use I still get a little residue left on my hands. The other little annoying thing is that when folding out some of the tools the mechanism folds all of them out at once and I have to push everything back in except the one I want and then lock it into place. This is a pain if I'm just trying to get one thing or am in a hurry.
The locking mechanism is great, the blades and saw are super sharp and all the tools work well and feel very sturdy.
Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and for the price I think it's a great buy; I would recommend this to others.


Powerlock EOD Black Oxide - Survival Multi Tool