Vegetable Seeds Pack: Self-Sufficiency Essential


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Time to think long term self-sufficiency. This ‘Essential Vegetable Seed Pack’ has been hand selected with easy growing and productive plant varieties. The pack contains over 6000 seeds with 32 different vegetable varieties.

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Being prepared means preparing not just for the short term, but  for the long term. This self-sufficiency essentials pack has been specially designed for Australian Preparedness.

To store your seeds past the generic 2-year expiry date you must keep seeds in a cool and dry place (away from heat fluctuations and humidity). The seed producer has advised us that the best place to store seeds long term is in the fridge. Many of the seed varieties in this pack can be stored for 5-10 years. Some varieties like tomatoes will last for over 20 years. Germination rates will slowly taper however lettuce seeds are the most likely to fail the soonest.

The feature images shows the actual vegetable varieties listed below.

Essential VegetablesSeeds
Asparagus – Mary Washington60
Bean, Broad – Egyptian – (Fava Bean)160
Cabbage – Sugarloaf520
Cabbage – Red Dutch240
Capsicum – Californian Wonder80
Cauliflower – All Year Round180
Chilli – Jalapeno35
Celery – Tall Utah800
Cucumber – Marketmore50
Eggplant – Market Supreme60
Kale – Scotch – (Borecole)120
Leek – Autumn Giant – (Elephant)550
Lettuce – Bronze Mignonette400
Lettuce – Buttercrunch200
Lettuce – Cos Verdi200
Lettuce – Salad Bowl Red200
Pumpkin – Queensland Blue50
Rockmelon – Honeydew25
Shallots – White Lisbon240
Silverbeet – Fordhook Giant280
Spinach – Amsterdam Giant400
Tomato – Arcadia (Determinate – Bush)160
Tomato – Cherry Fox60
Tomato – Yellow Cherry Honey Bee60
Tomato – Daydream (Climbing)125
Turnip – Purple Top White Globe350
Watermelon – Warpaint – (Crimson Sweet)35
Zucchini – Cocozelle20
Rocket – Wild – Arugula Sylvetta – (Roquette)150
Parsnip – Hollow Crown100
Rhubarb – Victoria45
Squash, Winter – Gem – Rolet20


We have several other seed packs that are complimentary to this essentials pack.

Note: varieties may be adjusted depending on seasonal availability.



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Vegetable Seeds Pack: Self-Sufficiency Essential