Social Media And Emergency Preparedness – Why It’s Important

Lately, we’ve been discussing everyday items and why they are important to your prepping journey. Have you ever considered the power of social media with prepping? Social media can alert others that you are safe. In fact, this is the very reason Facebook started its “mark safe” feature. In the case of an event like a bush fire, flood or cyclone, social media can be a powerful tool to find loved ones and connect with others who have also been impacted.

Twitter hashtags can also alert people of an impending deadly situation, or even provide comfort in the aftermath of one. Emergency responders are known to use social media to track deadly incidents and put a stop to them, or at least attempt to stop the bleeding. How does all of this come into play for you?

If you are one of many who gets news from social media, use that as an advantage. Emergency preparedness really does require us to use every single advantage we have to prevent deadly situations. Follow accounts that have good information – and sift through the bad. Police and fire departments post updates of ongoing situations. If you ever happen to be caught in a bind, this could be life-saving. Just as the prepping community is one that is expansive, its reach extends even further on social media. Therefore, follow accounts where you can get useful information.

                   Fake News

You should also be skeptical of certain information. Always verify and fact-check, because there is a lot of fake news on the Internet. On the flip side, this doesn’t mean that you can’t still glean useful emergency preparedness information. If you were to ever be separated from your beloved family and pets, social media could help to reunite you. Many successful donation campaigns have been started in the wake of disasters. Knowing how to use social media is an incredibly valuable skill for everyone in the prepping community. Fake rumors can also be squashed through social media. It’s not all doom and gloom, believe us when we say that social media has many positive uses for the prepping community!

Social media is also a fantastic way to tell large swathes of people about prepping or the prepping community. If you can’t find an account you like, be that voice. You could serve as a resource for someone else looking to be a prepper, as well. Media is also the ideal place to ask questions. Do you want recommendations on camping gear or canned food? Social media will have a plethora of people waiting to offer up advice. There is a whole community waiting to be joined, so join!

Prepping is a skill that isn’t necessarily acquired overnight. That is why we use the power of writing and blogging to bring you the best in prepping news, and ways you can be involved in the prepping community. We are another group that sincerely has your back and wants to help you learn.

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