WP1 Workplace First Aid Kit – Soft Case


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Upgrade to a lightweight kit – great for work or your prepper kit.

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Reflective strip making visibility easy in an emergency.
Soft durable case with compartments and should strap.

<strong>KIT CONTAINS</strong>
Adhesive premium fabric strips x 50
combine dressing 100 x 200mm x 1
gauze pieces (sterile) 75 x 75mm Pk 5 x 3
non-adherent dressing 50mm x 50mm x 6
non-adherent dressing 75 x 100mm x 3
non-adherent dressing 100 x 100mm x 1
wound dressing No.14 (medium) x 1
wound dressing No.15 (large) x 1
wound wipes x 10
fractures and bruising bandage
conforming 50mm x 1.8m x 3
bandage – conforming 75mm x 1.8m x 3
bandage – crepe medium support 100mm x 2m x 1
instant cold pack x 1
triangular bandage disposable 1100 x 1550mm x 2
bites and stings antiseptic spray 50ml x 1
hydrogen sachet 3.5g x 5
eye injury eye pad x 4
sodium chloride (saline) pods 20ml x 8
rescue and survival blanket
thermal x 1
resuscitation-safe face shield – disposable x 1
essentials adhesive non-woven tape 25mm x 5m x 1
biohazard bag x 1
first aid booklet x 1
forceps – disposable x 1
nitride gloves pack (pairs) x 5
pen x 1
plastic bag zip lock (small) x 2
plastic bag zip lock (medium) x 2
plastic bag zip lock (large) x 2
register of injuries book x 1
safety pins
assorted x 12
scissors x 1
splinter probe – disposable x 10
Case dimensions: 310(w) x 130(d) x 220(h)mm

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WP1 Workplace First Aid Kit - Soft Case