Introducing Prepping To Friends and Family

You don’t have to be completely into prepping for it to hold relevance to your life. As we’ve discussed in our other blogs, there are ways to get started in the prepping community, and how you can repurpose old items again. However, getting friends and family hooked can sometimes take some time. As industry leaders in the prepping community, we believe everyone should prep, at least a little bit.

Prepping isn’t just about natural disasters, a war, bush fires, and terrorism. It’s about small lifestyle changes that make an impact. Prepping ultimately leads you to live a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, because you are being cognisant of how you choose to spend your money. Your friends and family joining the prepping community is a big step.

Show them how much money they could save by prepping

Normalizing a changing world

If you’re new to the prepping community, especially in the time of COVID-19, your friends and family may be scared of the future and this new reality. Prepping, however, can be an avenue to provide some form of comfort and security in the days ahead. If your friends and family want to learn more about the prepping community, you can start by reminding them that it is okay, but that being cautious is the perfect antidote to that feeling.

Obviously, in the pandemic situation that we are in, having in-person, formal meetings are nigh impossible. However, that doesn’t mean your friends and family can’t join you for a meeting over Zoom where you can discuss the benefits of prepping. In times where we feel so alone, having a goal that multiple people can work towards, like being part of the prepping community, can be therapeutic and relaxing. If all of you make the same goals to become more financially stable, start stocking up on shelf stable food, or even grow vegetables in your garden, that would be helpful.

Meetings over Zoom

Camping trips, and other outdoor activities can be your best friend

When it is safe to meet with other people again, outdoor activities are the best ways to teach and prepare other people about emergency preparedness and prepping. We stock excellent products from Thermarest that make camping a breeze. Spending time in the wilderness connects you with nature, and teaches you important survival skills. Taking your friends and family on a trip will show them the importance of self-sufficiency and autonomy. This is also the perfect time to brush up on survival skills like hunting, finding water, and starting a fire.

As leaders in the prepping community, we believe everyone should have some knowledge of these skills. Whether you go all in or are casual about it, prepping is for everyone, including your family and friends. The more people you can educate about the lifestyle, the better.

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