Your Family Dog Is Important

Your Family Dog Is Important

Everyday prepping means using every resource you have to the fullest. You may be wondering how your furry friend comes into play in this scenario. Emergency preparedness requires us to think on our feet and to plan for every last scenario. How do your pets fit into the picture? The family dog may be cuddly and playful, but he or she also serves a purpose in the prepping community.

Just as you would stock up on canned food, stock up on pet food, too. Even in ideal scenarios, we fall on hard times, and sometimes, dog food can be extremely expensive. However, the good thing about stocking up on pet food is that when emergency situations do happen, you won’t have to go searching for food, saving both you and the family dog stress and worries. Secondly, we always recommend having an emergency “treat bag” stowed away. This can include bones, toys, treats and other food. As time goes on, you can switch items out.

Training your family dog is also a good investment of time, and perhaps money. Teaching your dog basic commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “bark,” are especially useful. Your family dog isn’t just there to be cute (although we do love the cuddles!). They also exist as an extension of us, to help us and to also protect us. You owe it to your dog to not only make sure he or she is also prepared well, but to yourself as well.

On that note, don’t always leave your family dog at home. Part of emergency preparedness is getting used to all kinds of situations. Some dogs do not like cars, and others have separation anxiety. Determine what “behavioral” issues your family dog has, and work on correcting them. You do not want your dog to feel anxious if they ever have to go somewhere new. Take them on small trips around town so they can garner a better sense of their surroundings.

Kennel training your family dog is also another good way of getting him or her used to different surroundings. The last thing you want is for your dog to have a panic attack in a crate when you’re trying to leave an emergency situation. Dogs are more relaxed when they are with their toys and blankets. If you ever do need to leave your house in a jiffy, your family dog will be the last thing you need to worry about, because he or she will be relaxed and ready to go.

As leaders in the prepping community, we believe that family dogs are essential to emergency preparedness. Even if you never face the possibility of a country-wide outage, natural disasters like bush fires are a common occurrence in Australia. Be one step ahead and start training your dog and stocking food today.

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