Explorer Pack – Heavy Duty 12V UHF CB/LMR with Remote Speaker MIC + 4dB ANTENNA


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An exceptional 12V Heavy Duty UHF CB/LMR Kit for your vehicle.

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This is an exceptional 12V UHF kit for your vehicle. The Midland product range is unbeatable on quality, durability and longevity. The Midland EXPLORER PACK is a mini compact, rugged UHF CB/LMR Commercial Grade Radio with remote speaker microphone and 4dB Antenna. Suitable for numerous installations and applications, this sturdy unit will prove it’s tough reliability while providing both CB and Commercial versatility for users.

– Output Power: 5 Watts (CB), 15 Watt (LMR):
– CB Channels: 2 Banks: 80(CB), 19 (LMR – Dealer Programmable)
– CB Frequency Range: 476.425 ~ 477.4125MHz
– LMR Frequency Range: 450 ~ 520MHz
– Channel Width: 12.5kHz (Narrowband + Wideband))
– Power Source (Nominal): 13.8V
– Max Absorption Current in TX: 1.3A (5W), <3.2A (15W)
– Operation Mode: Simplex & Duplex
– Audio Output Power: 4 Watt (Base & Microphone)
– Digital Coded Squelch (DCS): 104
– Interference Eliminator (CTCSS): 50
– Duplex Capability: Yes
– Channel Memory Scan: Yes
– Scan/Priority Scan: Yes
– Backlit LCD Display: Yes, 7 Colour (Selectable)
– External Speaker Jack: Yes
– TX/RX Indicator: Yes
– Scanning Receive Functions: Yes
– Key Lock: Yes
– Key Beep On/Off: Yes
– Auto Squelch: Yes
– Speaker: Dual (Base & Microphone)
– USB Charging Port: Yes
– Typical Range: 18km Line of Sight
– Slide-In Mounting Cradle: Yes
– Dimensions: (excl bracket) 110H x 120W x 25D mm

Antenna Specs
– 4dB
– 60cm Mast
– Commercial Grade LMR 240 Low Loss Coax 5m

EXPLORER PACK Instruction Manual


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