Mule LED Flashlight & Rechargable Glow Stick – V2


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Whether you’re in the middle of a power outage caused by a natural disaster or venturing off-grid, the Mule Light is the only flashlight you will ever need.

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Combining all the functions of a traditional flashlight, the Mule Light has it all and more with its smart hybrid function. The reusable glow stick allows you to save your flashlight’s battery life when you only require minimal light. Just cover the glow stick over the LED lights for 3 seconds and the glow stick is charged and ready to go!

Instead of constructing the glow stick with traditional glow-in-the-dark powder like most glow sticks out there, the rechargeable glow stick contains giant crystals of strontium illuminate – the brightest, longest-lasting and fastest charging glow in the dark on the market. This design allows it to absorb more light and emit more light for longer.

The Mule light offers a UV/Black light option and a detachable red lens filter for greater night vision and to reduce unwanted attention in the dark. This stealth function is great for survivalists hiding out off-grid who need a small source of light without being obvious.

This flashlight is all about flexibility and reliability with offering two different battery packs: 3 AAA batteries and 1 USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This ensures you will never get caught in the dark again with a backup battery on hand. Charge the lithium-ion battery with a portable power bank, solar charger, or any USB port and use the AAA pack while you wait – perfect for survival living!

Product Features:

  • New Hybrid Function = 60x More Battery Life
  • 300 Lumen Spotlight (high – low – strobe)
  • 6 LED Work Light,
  • 6 LED UV/Black Light
  • Red Lens Filter
  • Reusable Glow Stick
  • AAA Battery Pack
  • NEW Hybrid Function.
  • USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack with Cable (The Works ONLY)
  • Carry Case (The Works ONLY)

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Mule LED Flashlight & Rechargable Glow Stick - V2