Z Lite SOL Sleeping Mat – Silver/Limon


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A proper prepper knows that the number one survival tool is their body, and what does it need to survive? Water, food… and that’s right, sleep.

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Do yourself a favour and get your emergency sleeping arrangements sorted with our favourite ultralight mattress – the Z Lite SOL Sleeping Mat.

The Z Lite SOL Sleeping Mat is the lightest, most compact closed-cell mattress on the market, featuring a compact accordion-style shape and heat-trapping dimples. It now comes warmer than ever with its reflective ThermaCapture™ coating that captures radiant heat, increasing overall warmth by nearly 15%.

The proprietary foams are softer on top for extra comfort and denser on the bottom for extra durability. Wherever you’re headed, a Z Lite mattress will not only provide you an incredible nights sleep away from home, but it will compact design will easily fit in any backpack for easy transport.

Product Features:

Advanced Warmth: ThermaCapture™ surface reflects radiant heat back to your body, amplifying the warmth of the heat-trapping dimples by 15% (Z Lite SOL™ only; for best results, use reflective side-up.).
Compact Design: Folding design is compact and easy to pack.
Extra Durable: Virtually indestructible closed-cell foam provides lasting, economical comfort.

Product Specs:

Colour Limon / Silver
R-Value 1.7, 2.0
Weight  0.41 kg
Width  51 cm
Length  183 cm
Height  2 cm
Thickness 2 cm
Packed dimension  51 cm x 13 cm x 14 cm
Fill material Crosslinked Polyethylene
Foam type Moulded closed cell
Material(s) Polyethylene
Country of Origin USA

Additional information

Weight .439 kg
Dimensions 13 × 15.5 × 51 cm


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Z Lite SOL Sleeping Mat - Silver/Limon