Set up a campsite

In the last post, we discussed how to handle the realities of different terrains. This post will focus more on actually setting up camp, and how to be a successful camper. After all, the real meat and bones of prepping comes down to how comfortable you are with basic survival skills. If you can learn how to control the environment around you, and by default, helping you fear less and live more. We have the tips you need to build a successful campsite, regardless of where you are.

1. Choosing a site

In the last blog, we gave a list of characteristics you should look out for in any terrain. This would include a flat surface, a site close to water, and also, somewhere where you can find some natural protection. Of course, another characteristic to look out for you, if you are near trees, is to find ample shade. You may not be able to find ample shade, however, and that is why choosing a good tent to go along with your site is important. We recommend the All Season Tent from MSR Gear. A tent that will protect you in any season is invaluable and will help when you are finding a site.

2. Going to the bathroom

This is something everyone needs to take into account when they are setting up a campsite. Where are you supposed to go to the bathroom? This should be about 200 feet away from your site, and you should also have a place where you can throw away all of your trash. You will want to get used to changing hygiene habits and cleaning yourself with minimal water. Use a small amount of toilet paper, and consider using leaves if you have run out. Leave a minimal amount of waste, always.

3. Other useful tips

Make sure your tent is at least 15 feet away from any campfire you are planning to set up. Figure out what direction the wind blows, so that you are being as safe as possible. If you happen to be camping in the winter, do not set up a fire under trees that have snow on their branches, as your fire will not start. Valleys are wet and cold, so keep that in mind.

There is nothing to setting up a campsite once you know the basics. Keep in mind the basic tips we laid out, and you will be an expert camper in no time. At Australian Preparedness, we have learned prepping skills that we want to pass on to everyone, so that they can live more sustainable and self sufficient lives.

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